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Professional Secret Keeper Private individual

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I have a very exact set of skills. Understanding the human mind, societal indoctrination, what souls came here to do, etc, I have the inability to be shocked or pass judgment whatsoever. I've seen it all. I've heard it all. And I am able as a loving soul, to hold a sacred space for another loving soul.

And having been among people from all walks of life, including famous and affluent personalities, I've come to understand a few things.....

Secrets, shame and guilt keep us from living our best lives. Everyone is trying to live out a life carved out for them by society and other people's expectations. What I've come to know is that we all have deep desires, wants and needs that we aren't able to share with ANYONE because "what will people say" is a phrase I hear most often. Sometimes we see an oppertunity to open up to someone (a friend or sibling perhaps) and show our real selves, only to later find that completely blow up in our faces. We've learned thus to trust NO ONE. It has become a survival skill.

95% of my clients are men. Wow, the societal weight men carry to be a certain way and act a certain way and not show emotions and wants and needs and desires..... It still blows my mind every time. Allot of these men are married....either cheating and feeling awful about it, not caring either way, or thinking of cheating. Some in cultural arrangement marriages, some in loving ones, but just can't talk openly to their partner. The list is endless really. What they all have in common is that these are individuals who have NO safe spaces to talk and be THEMSELVES completely. I find this especially prevalent amongst professional men in high ranking positions or in the public eye. The pressure to be perfect and put-together is very intense.

Did you know that some men will hire call girls....just to talk?? Yes this actually does happen, believe it or not. It's the anonymity of it, I guess.

So I work with clients, sifting and sorting through their tangled emotions while maintaining confidentiality. With that being said, I am great at operating in stealth mode. Some clients even prefer, we never use full names with eachother and meet at hotel rooms, paying cash, no mobiles allowed in the room, etc. Yes indeed, that's how paranoid some of my higher level clients are. Usually as they get more comfortable and trusting, we move away from these arrangements. I always say, the best place to hide anything is in plain sight. But please know it's not always that intense. Some are just average joes who want to talk about average problems.



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